Friday, January 18, 2013

Newest Results and Next Event

The latest event held by Hitachi Pro Wrestling was on November 18, 2012 in Hitachi City at the city's Commerce Festival.



Bout 1
Hitachi Pro Wrestling Rookie Test Match
Yuzuru Sasaki
Eririn Takagi

Eririn Takagi wins by pinfall.


Bout 2

Singles Match


Juicy Sandan Baraiger


Kaz Shibano

Kaz Shibano wins by pinfall.




Bout 3

Triple Threat Match

Kento DiCaprio




Leeev Shogo


Leeev Shogo wins by pinfall on Kensuke.



Bout 4

6-Man Tag Team Match

KOU-SAKU, Yuki Toshima, and Masatoshi Onodera


Eririn Takagi, Takao Nomura, and Burs Kaneko


KOU-SAKU, Yuki Toshima, and Masatoshi Onodera win by KOU-SAKU pinfall on Eririn Takagi.




Bout 5

Special Match

Burs Kaneko


Battle Totoro


Burs Kaneko wins by pinfall.



Main Event Bout

Survivor Series-style Elimination Match, no time limit

KOU-SAKU, Yuki Toshima, Masatoshi Onodera, and Kento DiCaprio


Eririn Takagi, Kensuke, Leeev Shogo, and Kaz Shibano

In this match, the two teams of 4 compete in an 8-man tag match. Each pinfall, submission, or disqualification eliminates that wrestler from the team. The last team with any members remaining win the match.

Order of elimination:

1) Kento DiCaprio (3-4)

2) Leeeev Shogo (3-3)

3) Kaz Shibano (3-2)

4) Masatoshi Onodera (2-2)

5) Yuki Toshima (1-2)

6) Eririn Takagi (1-1)
7) Kensuke (pinned by KOU-SAKU for the final fall)

With KOU-SAKU as the last survivor, KOU-SAKU, Yuki Toshima, Masatoshi Onodera, and Kento DiCaprio win.




The next event will be held Hitachi city's Civic Center, located next to Hitachi station, on Sunday, February 24 at 2PM. This is Hitachi Pro Wrestling's biggest show of the year. Admission is 500 yen.

The main event has KOU-SAKU face Kensuke with the stipulation that if KOU-SAKU wins, he will retire due to "lack of competition".

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