Friday, February 24, 2012

Summary of Hitachi Professional Wrestling

Hitachi Professional Wrestling (常陸プロレス in Japanese) is based in Ibaraki prefecture in Japan, based in the Hitachi city and its surrounding area. However, the promotion is not named for Hitachi city (日立, the same as the multinational corporation), but rather the "country of Hitachi" (常陸の国), the former name of Ibaraki prefecture. The name is meant to represent Ibaraki prefecture as a whole rather than just the northern city.

Similar to other regional promotions like Michinoku Pro or Osama Pro, Hitachi Pro also operates shows and coordinates with groups in other regions. Hitachi Pro shows have been held in Kanto (the Tokyo plain) and in Tohoku (northeastern Japan).

Hitachi also coordinates at least once yearly for a joint show with national group All Japan Pro Wrestling.

The head of Hitachi Pro is veteran wrestler Norio Hiroki.

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