Monday, April 30, 2012

Latest Results and Next Event Information

The latest event held by Hitachi Pro Wrestling was on April 29, 2012 in Hitachinaka city's Matsudo Gymnasium.



Bout 1
Tag Team Match, 1 fall, 30 minute time limit

Masatoshi Onodera and Mr. KD
Leeeev Shogo and Hayabuta

Masatoshi and Mr. KD win by pinfall at 21 minutes 3 seconds.


Bout 2

Tag Team Match, 1 fall, 30 minute time limit


KOU-SAKU and Takao Nomura


Alexander Bars Kaneko and Higuchi


KOU-SAKU and Takao Nomura win by pinfall in 19 minutes 51 seconds.




Bout 3

Tag Team Match, 1 fall, 30 minute time limit


Greed and Yuuki Toshima


Eririn Takagi and Kensuke


Greed and Yuuki Toshima win by pinfall in 15 minutes 33 seconds.




Main Event Bout

Money in the Bank Title Match, no time limit

In this match, the newly created Open the Chaos Gate title belt is hung on a rope suspended over the ring, only able to be reached by ladder. There are no disqualifications, countouts, or pinfalls. 8 wrestlers participate, entering at one-minute increments. Eliminations occur when a wrestler is thrown over the top rope, or when forced to submit. When only 4 wrestlers remain, eliminations are stopped and it becomes a 4-way fight for the belt.

Order of entrants and time of elimintation:

1) Higuchi

2) Leeeev Shogo (eliminated at 12 minutes, 17 seconds over the top rope)

3) Kensuke

4) Alexander Bars Kaneko (eliminated at 12 minutes, 47 seconds over the top rope)

5) Junichi Hanawa

6) Takao Nomura (eliminated at 13 minutes, 48 seconds by Greed through submission)
7) Eririn Takagi (eliminated at 12 minutes, 27 seconds over the top rope)
8) Greed


Greed wins by taking the belt in 22 minutes 42 seconds.




The next event will be held Hitachinaka city's Matsudo gymnasium's sub arena on May 24th.

The following link shows the map to the gymnasium, located about 2 kilometers from Katsuta station.

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