Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12 Results

The latest event held by Hitachi Pro Wrestling was a free show on July 12, 2014 in Hitachiota city at the Yamabuki Sports Center.

Total attendance: Approximately 70



Bout 1
Tag Team Match, 1 fall, 20 minute time limit

Black Devitt and Black KD
Sakai and Lunberjack

Sakai gets the pinfall at 16 minutes on Black Devitt after a top rope double foot stomp.


Bout 2

Single Match, 1 fall, 20 minute time limit

Kento DiCaprio



YOUHEI wins by pinfall in 10 minutes 50 seconds after a U-Crusher (AA into a powerslam).


Bout 3

Tag Team Match, 1 fall, 30 minute time limit

Norio Hiroki and Kaz Shibano


Yuichi Hanawa and Masatoshi Onodera

Yuichi Hanawa gets the pinfall with a German Suplex on Kaz Shibano in 7 minutes 12 seconds.


Bout 4

Main Event, Single Match, 1 fall, 30 minute time limit for the HWC Title

Eririn Takagi (c)


Takayuki Saigyo

Eririn Takagi wins by pinball with a Northern Lights Suplex in 18 minutes 18 seconds.


-This is the debut event for Lumberjack and the first match in Hitachi Pro Wrestling in 5 years for Saigyo.
-Kento DiCaprio showed a cheating streak for the first time, choking YOUHEI with a chair in the match and attacking him twice after the match as well.
-Following the last match Takagi called all wrestlers into the ring to lead the crowd in the traditional chant of "Pro wrestling is the best! Let's all meet again!"

After the event, wrestlers made themselves available for pictures and autographs. Total event time was just over 2 hours.

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